The fastest way to publish books on sites like B&N, Kobo, Amazon, and more.

Describe your book once, publish everywhere

WideWizard is like a virtual assistant for wide authors. Tell it about your book once, then with one click it’ll auto-fill those details on Google Play, Smashwords, and more!

WideWizard makes publishing wide easier than ever

Keep all of your royalties

WideWizard isn't a distributor, so you keep all of your royalties! It just makes filling those pesky forms a lot easier.

The easiest way to go wide

WideWizard makes it easy to publish your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booksprout, Draft2Digital, Goodreads, Google Play, Kobo, and Smashwords.

No distributor to rely on

WideWizard helps you go direct with each store. Going direct means there's no risk of your distributor going out of business to leave you scrambling.

See it in action

Still not convinced? Watch how quickly it can publish a book to Amazon and Booksprout.

Make your next book launch of a piece of cake.

Install the free WideWizard for your favorite browser now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yup! My goal is to keep the current offerings of WideWizard free.
We may add in some premium features or donations (let me know if you'd donate) to monitize it in the future.

Do you publish my books for me?

No. WideWizard is an auto-fill extension to help you publish books faster. If you want someone else to publish your writings for you (likely in exchange for a cut of your royalties), you'll need to look elsewhere.